Adform reports

Adform reports give your client insight in how their Display advertising campaign performs. Because you have to export data and create every report by hand, that is if you want to make it look good for your clients, Adform reporting can become quite extensive and time consuming. With Douply however the time of manually making reports is over, they’re automated and just a few clicks away. Douply actually makes Adform reporting that much easier and more fun!

Adform reporting tool, a true data cruncher

At the moment Adform is one of the most popular and used display advertising platforms by agencies and online marketers. Adform makes targeting potential clients for your customers more effective, making Adform reports is quite the opposite because of the big numbers of data that you have to process. That’s why we invented Douply, so you can create Adform reports just as effectively as your Adform campaign is.

Adform reports with a clear overview

Creating Adform reports with Douply makes sure that you have every piece of important information in order to adjust the settings of your display advertising campaign or rethink your current strategy. Before you had to drag all available data out of Adform into extensive Excel sheets in order to create reports, with Adform connected to Douply you just enter the KPI’s and period you’re interested in and you instantly receive your report with clear insights, what a timesaver!

Adforms reports, a treat for your clients

Besides helping you to make better decisions on your pricing and placements strategy Douply also gives you the opportunity to present your clients with great looking Adform reports. Highlighting KPI’s they’re interested in, turning all that data in great looking graphs and stats so your client can review the performance of ther Adform campaigns in a professional look and feel. As Douply is a 24/7 SaaS platform and compatible with all devices your client can enjoy those reports on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, whenever they want.

Customized Adform reports

Is your client too busy to set a meeting and discuss Adform campaign results or is your client constantly on top of things? No worries, you can provide both of them with logins to our unique client side dashboard. Now they can check your Adform reports anytime they want, select specific KPI’s within a certain period and access their own custom dashboard. The ever present timeline makes sure that both you and your client are always well informed about past steps and future actions to enhance the Adform campaigns performance.

Adform reports and other connected platforms

Douply has a number of online platforms connected besides Adform, like Adwords, Facebook and Twitter. By running different kind of reports at the same time it gives you great insight in the performance of Adform and other online platforms opposite to each other. As all data is synchronized your reports are up-to-date with the latest information on your campaign KPI’s and overall performance.

Douply has all the benefits your client needs

Creating just the one Facebook Ads report or presenting your client with more interesting KPI’s from other online platforms as well? Either way you can benefit from Douply as your complete reporting tool:

  • Save time through automatic synchronization of data
  • Compatible with all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • User friendly within a secure (HTTPS) environment
  • Connected with platforms that are used the most
  • Unique client side dashboard
  • State of the art Adform reporting software

Interested in Adform reporting and reports for other reports for your clients? Try Douply now with our 14-day free trial period!

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