Bing Ads reports

Bing Ads is all about generating conversions at a lower cost than the competition. Therefore Bing Ads reports have to be as detailed and differentiated as your Bing Ads campaign has been set up. With Douply you can incorporate all account levels within your Bing Ads reports, from campaign level to individual keywords, giving your client full insight in its performance. Douply makes Bing Ads reporting fast, easy and fun!

Bing Ads reports, insight at every level

Bing Ads gives you the opportunity to stay ahead of your competition by focussing on ad group and keyword level, rather than campaign level. This requires more flexibility in adjusting Bing Ads campaign settings in order to keep that advantage. We understand that your Bing Ads reports have to be detailed and specific at every level and have to be created at any moment you or your client need them.

Bing Ads reports with excellent insights

Bing Ads reports from Douply have incorporated all necessary tools for you to create useful insights on its performance. By highlighting and visualizing specific KPI’s you can adjust your strategy to enhance your campaigns performance. Not only do you get useful insights, the reports can be presented to your clients in great looking graphs as well.

Bing Ads reports from Douply save time

In a competitive market you have to act fast and clever. Therefore it’s imperative that you can collect and categorize all data that comes from your Bing Ads campaign as quickly as possible. Being a SaaS platform Douply gives you 24/7 access to your Bing Ads reports, so you can make reports and adjustments to your Bing Ads campaign wherever, whenever you want. No need to drag all data into extensive Excel sheets anymore, your Bing Ads reports are just a few clicks away. Douply can save you and your clients a lot of time!

Bing Ads reports for your clients

Douply actually is more than a reporting tool. Besides a solid report you want to give your client something to look at as well. Our unique client dashboard offers the client insight in all your Bing Ads and other platform reports and gives them the opportunity to select specific KPI’s they’re interested in. A timeline is incorporated so your client has a good overview of what has been done and what actions will be taken to enhance your overall online performance!

Bing Ads reports and other connected platforms

How does your clients Bing Ads campaign performs opposite to other online platforms? With Douply you can create reports for different platforms and compare KPI’s that you’re interested in with each other. Having all your clients reports in one reporting tool may cause for adjusting the settings and strategy for your Bing Ads campaign or it confirms that your current Bing Ads strategy is the right one when looking at the bigger picture.

Douply is currently working on the option of integrating two or more platforms into one report what makes analysing data even more interesting and will help you outperform your clients competition even better!

Douply has all the benefits your client needs

Creating just the one Bing Ads report or presenting your client with an overview of his overall online marketing results, benefit from Douply as your complete reporting tool:

  • Save time through automatic synchronization of data
  • Excellent campaign insights with great looking graphs
  • Compatible with all devices
  • User friendly within a secure (HTTPS) environment
  • Connected with the most used platforms
  • Every client has their own unique client side dashboard

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