Douply is a super fast and easy to use reporting tool for online campaign and marketing managers. With Douply you will save time creating reports and have more fun doing it.

We have developed Douply from an online marketeers and developer’s point of view. That’s why Douply has the best of both worlds as in a fast and stable platform and great functionalities and usability.

Douply has a separate client side dashboard that will give your clients easy and transparent feedback about what you have accomplished with the campaigns.

Creating reports in a fast, easy and fun way. So marketers and clients will have the possibility to interact on campaign data that is presented in a great report via a platform that is accessible for both parties!

To get started on the right track complete these two steps in the following order:

  1. Connect 1 or more platforms to your account (The accounts will sync with our platform)
  2. Create 1 or more clients and connect platforms to that client 

If this is done you are all set to go and start the fun by creating awesome reports.

Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

The Douply platform has a flat hierarchy. We have Dashboard, Reports (creation), Clients, Platforms, Subscriptions and Help Centre.

So what can you do on these levels? 

  • Dashboard - Here you can create and edit notations/actions for a specific date so its easy to see what’s coming and to do.
  • Reports - Here you can create, preview, edit, send, generate PDF and copy reports.
  • Clients - Here you can add and edit clients to your account, connect the specific platform to the clients, set standard KPI’s for reports and set widgets for the client side dashboard.
  • Subscriptions - Here you can edit your subscription to the specific plan you need for the amount of clients.
  • Help centre - Here you can…. This one you can figure out yourself :-) 

Click on the 'Templates' link in the sidebar navigation, then press the 'Add template' button. A new page will open where you can select the details of your report template.

Start with giving your template a title and selecting a date range: this range will be used in creating the widgets you add to your template. Note that these ranges are relative, so if you select 'Last 30 days' that will mean the previous 30 days (counting from the moment the template is used to generate a report) will be used as the date range for all widgets.

After selecting your range, add the platform you which to create widgets for. At present all the campaigns are selected when adding a platform. So if you include 'Adwords Search' as a platform in your template and then use this template to create a report for a client, all the campaigns that are available to that client in Adwords Search will be taken in consideration when plotting metrics in a chart.

Clicking on the 'CHART' button allows you to select two metrics to plot against each other. Data can be grouped by day, week or month.

Absolutely! Our scheduled reporting functionality will allow you to easily send out regular performance reports to your clients. Define the details of your report, such as which metrics to plot against each other, in a template and then simply schedule a report to be created using that template for one of your clients. 

We ask for your credit card so you don’t experience any interruption to your reporting and campaign data collection if you decide to continue your subscription.

Am I agreeing to a contract when I take a free trial?

Nope! You are under no obligation when you sign up for a monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time on the subscription page of your account.

After creating a template you will be able to create a schedule. Click on the link 'Scheduled reports' in the sidebar navigation or click on the 'Schedules' tab if you are already on the Scheduled reports page. By creating a schedule you basically configure Douply to generate a report for a given client, using the details described in the template you select, whenever the interval you specify has been met.

The 'Every ...' intervals will start counting at the moment the schedule is saved. Douply checks if new reports need to be generated every 15 minutes so if you selected any of those intervals you can expect to see the generated report a little while later. The '... of the month' intervals also check if the current day is a specific day of the month.

Go to “Platforms” and choose a platform that you want to connect and connect it with the username / email address and password.

We currently have a connection with Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Adform and Instagram. In the coming months we will work on supporting other platforms.

Yes you can easily change or add another account. If you want to change then you just disconnect the current account and connect the new one. All your reports will stay intact and won’t get lost after disconnecting a platform. If you want to add another platform it goes the same as connecting the first one! 

Douply syncs the data from the platforms with its own database and structures it so you will have fast access to the data when needed / creating a campaign report.

If you want to create a report you first have to go to the steps of adding a platform, a client and a platform/account to that specific client. Per platform you have different levels of hierarchy. We will show it during the selection process.

Step 1 – Report details: Title, default period for the report (can be changed later in the report), show / don't show to client yet

Step 2 – Platform, Campaign selection: Select the platform and campaign and adgroups (Google), Line Items (Adform), Adverts (Facebook) etc. and add them to your report. 

Step 3 – Report creation Indicators and Graphs: Here you can write a summary, new actions, KPI's and create different type of graphs with all kinds of metrics from the platforms you have selected in step two.

Next to the graphs you can edit / write feedback about the data to the client

At the client profile you can select specific indicators from Google Analytics that will show on the dashboard of the client. Reports that have the status "active" will be shown on the clientside dashboard. On the timeline of the client you can leave notes / feedback of specific moments. 

Add client users at the profile of the client and there will be an email sent to the client with a confirmation link.

Add users: If you are the account owner you can go to your profile icon on the right of your browser and select “users”. You can invite any user that you want to the platform as long the email address hasn’t been used already.

Add clients: Add client users at the profile of the client.

We start with a free subscription period of 60 days, no credit card required! After this period you can sign up for one of our paid subscriptions. See all subscriptions here.

Reporting is getting easy and fun with Douply Yes, I want a 60-day FREE trial!