Instagram Ads reports

It’s commonly known that for a few years now Instagram growing at a harder pace than Facebook. Both in usage as well as engagement with content Instagram has a higher growth percentage than Facebook. This calls for a reporting tool that gives you and your clients clear insights in your advertising efforts on Instagram. Douply makes sure that your Instagram reports helps you optimize your clients presence on Instagram by defining and analysing all key metrics involved.

Instagram reports, with all the features you need

As Instagram has recently introduced the possibility of advertising on its platform Instagram reports become even more important. Activity insights on your clients Instagram account, engagement optimization on post time, likes and comments and get valuable community insights as Douply has all the features you want in online reporting software.

Create great time-saving Instagram reports

Used to spend a lot of time getting the right data, converting it with Excel into a report that you try to make look fancy? With Douply those days are over. In just a few clicks you can create an Instagram report with KPI’s you’re interested in and visualize them in great looking graphs and stats. Creating Instagram reports with Douply actually becomes easy, fast and fun!

Access to your Instagram reports

As Douply is a 24/7 SaaS platform you can check and adjust your Instagram reports whenever you want. Being compatible with all devices it also gives you the opportunity to access the platform from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile at any moment. With Douply you can serve every kind of client, from the ones that are always on top of their Instagram advertising results to those who prefer to take a look at their Instagram reports in their own time.

Client side dashboard for all your clients reports

Want to make your clients feel more part of their own Instagram advertising campaign? With our client side dashboard you can offer your clients access to their own customized reporting environment. They can check out your campaign reports and select KPI’s they’re specifically interested in. With the built-in timeline you can communicate past actions and future plans more easily with your client. The client side dashboard is a fun tool and results in more commitment from your clients!

Instagram reports and other connected platforms

How does your clients Instagram campaign performs opposite to other online marketing tools? Douply has multiple online marketing items connected to its platform so you can compare KPI’s that you’re interested in with each other. Having all your clients reports in one reporting tool may cause for adjusting the settings and strategy for your Instagram campaign or it confirms that your current Instagram advertising strategy is the way to go forward.

Douply is currently working on the option of integrating two or more platforms into one report what makes analysing data even more interesting and will help you outperform your clients competition even better!

Douply has all the benefits your client needs

Creating just the one Instagram advertising report or presenting your client with an overview of his overall online marketing results, benefit from Douply as your complete reporting tool:

  • Save time through automatic synchronization of data
  • Excellent campaign insights with great looking graphs
  • Compatible with all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • User friendly within a secure (HTTPS) environment
  • Connected with the most used platforms
  • Every client has their own unique client side dashboard
  • State of the art Instagram Ads reporting software

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