Online marketing dashboard

Also tired of running time consuming reports for your clients where you spend most of your time struggling with collecting the right data and working impossible Excel sheets? Douply offers agencies and campaign marketers a brand new online marketing dashboard that offers your clients access as well, an unique combination which actually makes reporting easy and fun!

Online marketing dashboard with essential insights

First and foremost Douply is an online marketing dashboard that will give you the insights you need in order to take strategic decisions on your clients online campaigns. With just a few clicks you can collect data from specific online platforms and turn them into great looking reports. Together with a range of efficient tools you can make thorough analyses that you need to make your clients online marketing campaigns outperform their competition!

Creating reports becomes a timesaver

One of the most important features of our online marketing dashboard is that reporting with Douply becomes a timesaver instead of time waster. Just choose an online platform, select the specific KPI’s you’re interested in, confirm the time period and you will receive your report instantly. As all platform data is automatically synchronized your reports are up-to-date every single time you run them.

Online marketing reports 24/7

Surely you have clients which are always on top of things? With Douply as your online marketing dashboard you can meet your clients’ needs as it is a Paas platform with 24/7 access. And also being compatible with all devices Douply makes sure that you can create, adjust and send reports whenever and wherever you want. Also look out for our Douply app which makes it even easier to stay in touch with your constant demanding client.

Client side dashboard

Besides being a state of the art reporting tool our online marketing dashboard is also an important platform to keep your client involved and committed to their online marketing efforts. What better way than to give them access to their own client side dashboard where they can check out your reports and highlight KPI’s that they are especially interested in. A built-in timeline makes sure your client is well aware of all past and future actions that ensure that their online marketing campaigns are performing at a high level.

Connected online platforms

We are a young and upcoming company with multiple platforms already connected to our online marketing dashboard. You can create reports from Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Adform, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram and multiple affiliate platforms. Although we are pretty sure that we’ve covered a lot of metrics and KPI’s we keep on adding them from our current platforms when we see one.

Connecting all those marketing tools to one platform has the distinct advante that you create reports that all have the same professional look and feel. Whether it’s a daily Google Adwords update or a monthly lookback at how your clients Facebook Ads performed, your client will be happy to see that they all look the same in our online marketing dashboard. Douply is currently working on the option of integrating two or more platforms into one report what makes analysing data even more interesting and will help you outperform your clients competition even better!

Douply has all the benefits your client needs

Creating just the one Facebook Ads report or presenting your client with more interesting KPI’s from other online platforms as well? Either way you can benefit from Douply as your complete online marketing dashboard:

  • Save time through automatic synchronization of data
  • Compatible with all devices
  • User friendly within a secure (HTTPS) environment
  • Connected with platforms that are used the most
  • Unique client side dashboard

Interested in what Douply can do for your agency and clients? Try Douply now with our 14-day free trial period!

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