Our story

Introducing Douply
As former campaign managers, the team at Douply knows what it’s like to create those reports over and over again. From an agency perspective we have solutions for companies that need to be more cost and time efficient when it comes to demonstrating the impact online advertising has on their client’s success. Douply started as a tool we used in our own work to save time reporting to our clients. When we saw the incredible efficiency that Douply was having on our own work, we began adding more features, including a tailor made dashboard for clients, and the feedback from our own customers was overwhelming. We realised that all campaign managers would benefit from Douply and put in countless hours of research and collaboration with our customers to create Douply: the most feature-rich and easy-to use online campaign reporting tool on the market.

Reporting Made Easy
With a range of efficient tools, and the powerful tailor-made dashboard that allows for multi-client management, Douply outshines every other available reporting service available, and provides the only reporting and analyses you need to conduct professional and efficient campaigns.

Easy to monitor hundreds of campaigns
Powerful real-time measurement and analysis options with more than 20 charts and graphs allow you to quickly gain real insight into online campaigns. Everything is custom-tailored to the individual client’s needs. Once you log in, you can review dashboards for each client account. The dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all client activity.

Build reports with just one click
The extremely easy-to-use dashboards deliver crucial information quickly. You can save time and get the information you want with fewer clicks.

Tailor-made dashboard for clients
Douply not only gives campaign managers easy-access to client’s campaign performances; it also gives you the option to provide your own clients with a separate client-based dashboard. Allowing your customers to view reports real-time whenever they want. Sharing has never been this easy.

Connect different platforms
You can build reports on Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing / Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads, Adform and many other platforms, allowing you a thorough overview with just one click.

Don’t miss out
Douply provides the only tool you need to get instant, insightful reports on campaign successes for project managers. Subscribe below and you will be among the first to get access to the beta Douply tool (available in English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch). Don't miss out on this incredibly powerful tool!

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