Twitter Ads reports

As the number of people using Social Media continues to grow, Twitter is also being discovered as an effective marketing tool by many companies these days. This development calls for an effective Twitter reporting tool too. Douply has recently connected Twitter as an online platform so you will never miss a tweet, retweet, follower or lead again when you’re creating Twitter reports for your clients.

Twitter reports with the features you need

When you create Twitter reports you want it to take as less time possible, have all the data you need in order to make the right strategic decisions and you want to be your clients part of the reporting process. We believe our reporting tool has all the features you need to meet both your as well as your client needs.

Twitter reports, an absolute timesaver

Used to spend a lot of time making Twitter reports by exporting data from Twitter itself into extensive Excel sheets? With Douply that’s history! Our reporting tool gives you the opportunity to effectively select KPI’s for a specific period and you will receive your Twitter report instantly. As all data is automatically synchronized your reports are always up to date and your clients receive the latest insights in how their Twitter campaign is performing.

Twitter reporting for essential insights

Most Twitter reports are one-sided documents where merely results are being communicated. Douply has a range of efficient tools to break those results down in useful insights. Which tweets are being retweeted more than others? Which tone of voice should I use or which landing page is more effective for leadgen when using Twitter for marketing purposes? Douply helps you to provide your clients with answers and enhances the performance of their Twitter campaigns!

Twitter reports are for sharing

Excited to share those Twitter reports with your clients? With Douply you can offer your client access to their own customized client side dashboard. This gives them the opportunity to take a look at your Twitter reports and select specific KPI’s they have special interest in. The timeline is an extra option to communicate all past and future actions with your client so they are fully aware of the effort to optimize the performance of their Twitter campaign. Being a 24/7 Saas platform that is compatible with all devices your clients have access to their dashboard wherever, whenever they want!

Twitter reports and other connected platforms

Looking for a way to compare the performance of your marketing efforts on Twitter with other online platforms? Douply has connected multiple platforms to the reporting software so you can run different kind of reports for multiple online marketing tools at the same time. It gives you great insight in the performance of your Twitter campaign versus other online platforms.

Douply has all the benefits your client needs

Creating just the one Facebook Ads report or presenting your client with more interesting KPI’s from other online platforms as well? Either way you can benefit from Douply as your complete reporting tool:

  • Save time through automatic synchronization of data
  • Compatible with all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • User friendly within a secure (HTTPS) environment
  • Connected with platforms that are used the most
  • Unique client side dashboard
  • State of the art Twitter reporting software

Interested in what Douply can do for your agency and clients? Try Douply now with our 14-day free trial period!

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